'Land Rover - Into the World'

'Keeping Britain Alive - Titles'

'7/7:One Day in London'

'Fighting on the Frontline - Casualty'

'Fighting on the Frontline - Ambush'

'The Warrior'

'The Astronaut'


'24 Hours in A&E - Titles'


'Lollipop' (MTV)

One of a series of animations made by Oway Lau for MTV's
worldwide sexual awareness campaign.


'Million Dollar Traders' (BBC2)

Here's a clip from episode one of the series.


'Million Dollar Traders' (BBC2)

Here's a clip of the original unseen title sequence.
Unfortunately, the broadcast version had to be chopped
down to 5 seconds, so here it is in all of it's 25 second glory.


'Boys & Girls Alone' (Ch4)

Chaos ensues as the boys and girls meet for the first time.


'The Matrix' (Red Bull/Formula)

Here's one from the the series of animations Ticktock Robot
made for Redbull's Formula 1 2008 Season website coverage.
I did the music, sound design and squeaky voices...


'TV Heaven Telly Hell' (Ch4)

Music and sound design for a cool animated title sequence made by Mr & Mrs Smith.


'Ross Kemp On Gangs' (Sky)