Recent Credits

Keeping Britain Alive  - BBC2

7/7:One Day in London - BBC2 (RTS Winner, Broadcast Award Winner)

24 Hours in A&E  - Ch4 Series 1-3 (RTS Winner)

Coppers Series 1&2  - Ch4 (Bafta & Grierson nominated)

Fighting on the Frontline  - Ch4 (RTS nominated)

The Audience  - Ch4

Grow Your Own Drugs

Ch4, Silver River 6x30mins

Million Dollar Traders

BBC2, Century Films 3x60mins

Boys & Girls Alone

Ch4, Love Productions 4x60mins(TX2009)

Chateau Monty

Ch4, Tiger Apect 6x30mins

Red Bull/Formula One Animation

Tick Tock Robot

Films To See Before You Die

Film Four, Nobles Gate 

Hunt For Britain's Sex Traffickers

Ch4, October Films 3x60mins(TX2009)



Natural Born Sellers

Ch4, Silver River 6x60mins

Ross Kemp In Afghanistan

Sky1, Tiger Aspect 6x60mins

Baby Bible Bashers/Cutting Edge (documentary)Ch4, Firecracker

TV Heaven Telly Hell

Ch4, Hattrick     6x30mins

TV is Dead

Ch4, Liberty Bell 6x30mins

'Spanking New' Branding


School Dance

Ch4, Monkey Kingdom 6x30mins

Brits Behind Bars

Bravo, Objective

Million Pound Footballers Giveaway (documentary)

Ch4,Silver River

MTV 'Me' Animations

Ross Kemp On Gangs

Sky1, Tiger Aspect 6x60mins

Duel, Timewatch

BBC2, Nobles Gate 1x60mins


Bill Bailey Horror Intros

Film Four, Nobles Gate


Texas Swat

Lion Television, Court TV USA 8x30mins


£50 Says You'll Watch This (documentary)

Ch4, Tiger Aspect, 3x30mins

Men In White

Ch4, Tiger Aspect, 6x60mins


The Real Amityville Horror (documentary)

Ch4, Nobles Gate

'Nation's Favourite Albums' & 'One hit Wonders'